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Sticker Labeler Machine With 3 roller Pneumatic
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Sticker Labeler Machine With 3 roller Pneumatic Preview

Sticker Labeler Machine With 3 roller Pneumatic

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This sticker labeling machine is pneumatically controlled and has a smooth stainless steel finish. It is completely automated and hence does not require manually inputting the label data and retrieving it for any size of label. Another salient feature of this unique model is the no change parts for label size; and the single point online speed variation control. Moreover it also has a synchronized speed for dispensing the labels, feeding the products and pressing the device.

This highly user friendly machine is simple to operate and virtually maintenance free. It even has an easy to modify label application height, and a readily accessible label placing adjustment. Further this sturdy equipment is self protected against voltage fluctuations. In fact it is the most appropriate machine for online inkjet and contact coding system. This versatile equipment is also highly suitable for partial and complete wrap around; as well as for overlap labeling. The optional element of this machine includes the online pneumatically operated product rejection system. Besides this, if the equipment detects low compressed air, it will stop functioning immediately. It also has an alarm system for the pneumatically operated coding system; and even includes a special sensing system for checking any missing labels on the product.

One more exceptional characteristic of this advanced model is the vision system for checking the barcode, and the presence or absence of the coding on the labels. Moreover it also has a vision system with OCR system for checking the coding on the labels. The other distinctive feature is that the machine will instantly stop and ring an alarm, whenever the label roll gets empty. Further, if a label is missing in the roll it will stop automatically and also sound the alarm. It also has a tower light that displays the machine status.

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